Philosophy – Alignment of Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body

Hello and welcome, my name is Yazan. A shift in the collective consciousness of our planet activates the path to enlightenment inside every one of us. I believe that we all have a role to play in raising our own frequencies and those of the planet. I am here to guide you on a path to become more conscious, aware, activated to play your role, to reconnect you with your True-self, activate abundance, heal family and ancestral lineage, and reconnect with the magic grid of old. As We Were As we Will Be

I work with people who have awakened and realized that they may have been living a lie or not living anywhere near their fullest Life Potential, and deeply desire to rediscover what it means to be a spiritual being having an embodied spiritual-human incarnation. This really means getting out of our own way and surrendering to the beauty that is ready to serve and work through us.

Throughout your journey, we will be working to activate a blueprint of a life you feel in alignment with. Using spiritual healing and shamanic work, we will discover all the aspects within your being that need to unfold to truly connect with your soul mission. Deep energetic work is necessary to jump-start your system in order to regenerate, restore and achieve balance within your mind, body, heart and spirit. I work with people from all walks of life from around the world via video calls.

If you feel the call to transform your life, heal the past, and expand your consiousness then please contact me. Here are the areas I can help you with:


  • Healing karmic, ancestral, and family patterns, curses, and general panema (bad luck)
  • Healing child abuse, abandonment, and neglect including sexual, physical, mental, and psychic
  • Business and career problems, blocks, and limitations to growth
  • Stuck life situations that don’t seem to shift
  • Romantic relationships: breaking repetitive negative patterns, releasing toxic partners, attracting high value partners
  • Exploring deeper states of Consciousness
  • Discovering or deepening your purpose
  • Connecting with your guides
  • Opening the heart
  • Creating a new life

“To listen to Yazan is the aural equivalent of a deep breath. His invocation of intention for our event Bedouin Tech was beautiful… calming, centering, re-orienting, and expansive in its friendly and spirit-affirming way. His participation was a welcomed and valuable part of our event and we send thanks to him for spreading his magic.”  – Carrie Hart, Organizer, Bedouin Tech

Hear Yazan speak about Being a Modern Shaman

Are you seeking to elevate your life in a way that will create massive transformation? Do you want to heal deeply, open your intuition, awaken to new gifts, connect with your essence, strengthen your purpose on this planet in a way you never have before? Do you want to create new opportunities, better relationships in and abundance your life?

if yes then join us on our next Soul Journey! This is a unique sacred medicine journey to Peru. On this journey we work on activating you to your highest life force energy and align and heal your life in the aspects that matter the most: spirituality, relationships, life purpose, health, family, career, finances, business, intuition, creativity, and contribution. You will experience profound life altering ceremonies guided by powerful shamans and spiritual healers from the Quechua and Queros traditions. It’s time to rise up and above the mediocrity of these times and imprint a new vibration that raises the individual and the collective consciousness. This journey does just that. It is designed for creators who see possibilities in their lives and the world.