SOUL JOURNEY – A Journey of Awakening

Peru Soul Journey is program that combines plant medicine work, Quantum energetics, and personal development for healing the past and accelerating your consciousness. 

I follow the lineage of the teachers, healers, and shamans who taught me and passed down their timeless knowledge and wisdom. We deliver safe and high quality plant medicine, experienced shamans, rustic and comfortable lodgings, delicious organic food and incredible experiences. This retreat is unique as we focus on integrating the work done in the ceremonies through various exercises and workshops that will help you integrate the spiritual work on the physical, emotional, mental, psychic, or psychological levels. If you are interested in this offering do understand that it is more than a traditional medicine retreat. This is a synergistic experience that aims to combine the latest in Quantum Healing work with the deep opening that the plant medicines provide. 

It is a consciousness acceleration journey that aims to connect you and open you up to your own Soul beyond human limitations.  If this is your calling, we hope to see you on the beautiful slopes of Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Most importantly we follow a Shaman and Healer Code of Conduct in regards to facilitator-participant relations on every level throughout the retreat that we abide by (More in the tab below). We want you to feel safe and secure at our retreats.


  • Deep shamanic healing and activation work: I have been studying and practicing advanced Quantum Energetics, Energy Healing, shamanism  and spirituality for the last 16 years. I work with individuals who are serious about reaching accelerated consciousness. More on this here:

  • The Wachuma (San Pedro) and Ayahuasca medicine we use is pure and safe

  • The shaman team is experienced and we have male and female shamans and assistants to balance the energies and bring both perspectives, some are fluent in English

  • Excellent accommodations provided, optional laundry service available

  • Our sanctuary is in the perfect natural setting setting in the Andean mountains

  • Healthy delicious organic vegetarian food grown on the premises that is aligned with the Ayahuasca diet

  • Andean Sweat lodge shamanic ceremony offered to rid the body of all the toxins and to cleanse and purify

  • Fireplace to relax and get cozy

  • Healing and consciousness acceleration activation work encompassing Health, Career, Finances, Family, Relationships, Business; see modules below.

  • Unique Activities

    – Cultural immersions

    – Mountain walks

    – Nature and cave activations

  • Special locations we visit

    – Temple of the divine mother

    – Christo Blanco

    – Local markets with special crystals, shamanic talismans and amulets, handmade scarves, lama ponchos..

Myself and the team of shamans look forward to going with you on this sacred journey as we collectively improve ourselves and the world.



Ayahuasca is the supreme spiritual intelligence incarnated as a plant teacher; it has been with us for millennia to help with healing, transformation and deep understanding of the cosmos. It is the mixing of the Ayahuasca with Chacruna, and only these two plants from all found in the Amazon, that unlocks the body’s ability to uptake and utilize DMT (Dimethltryptamine). This is due to the MAOI inhibitor found in the Chacruna allowing the DMT from the Ayahuasca to be orally active.

This compound which usually only gets released the moment you’re born and the moment you die, provides a gateway for inter-dimensional experiences, encounters, and travel. 
The plant is a living intelligence and works with your system giving it exactly what it needs to achieve insights, breakthroughs, and profound healing. It is these two plants that are taken as a brew during the healing ceremonies that take place on the retreat that allows for the deep realizations, cellular and spiritual reprogramming to take place.
It is a healing and transformative medicine.  The ceremonies are led by the Shaman Ayahuasqueros and their healing Icaros (songs).


San Pedro, also called Wachuma, is a cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) that grows in the Peruvian Andes. San Pedro, like Ayahuasca, is not a drug, but a medicine, also called an entheogen. For over 3000 years, the cactus has been used as a medicine, a teaching and healing plant, and is used for prophecies and for the expansion of consciousness. Like the Ayahuasca vine, the San Pedro cactus is a master plant and is also called the grandfather plant because of its masculine energy. This is a soft, healing, and caring masculine, not the macho and rough masculine image that has been fed to us.

The effect of San Pedro is cautious and profound. A heart opening takes place, which causes a profound change of consciousness and helps to heal the wounds of the past. In doing so, not only can our own personal, psychological injuries or diseases be healed, but also those which have been passed on by our ancestors through the DNA. For some people, a further effect of San Pedro takes place at a visual level and one can, for example, see the energy fields and frequencies of plants, animals or other people. Usually one is at the ceremony outside in the nature and on its own. The shaman will pass from time to time, cleanse your energy field, assist you in opening your heart, and pray for your healing. The ceremony takes place during the day and can take up to 10 hours.

My Experience with Wachuma has been profound, the plant has helped me heal deep old wounds and awaken my intuition and perceive myself, my life and my choices very differently. It helped see through the illusions and break free from cultural programming. Wachuma also has a tendency to stay with you long after the retreat through guidance and insights.

Confrontation and Your Shadow – Due to the depth of the work and the plant medicines themselves and the total dramatic transformation that occurs within the experience, this program is certainly not for everyone.  It is for people who have some experience in personal development and want to truly explore the edges of consciousness and their fullest potential.  Due to the plant medicines involved it is a very accelerating, expanding, perceptual shift in one’s reality and life. Be prepared to look underneath the mantel and illusion of the ego and explore the shadow side, the hidden parts of your personality that are usually blind to oneself.

The medicine brings to the surface all unprocessed emotions, trapped energy consciousness, fears, illusions, and beliefs that are no longer serving, and through direct experience allows one to be the witness to how these are holding you back in fear, separation and duality giving you a direct experience of being in other dimensions. Once released, eventually clarity sets in and you can see things from a different viewpoint.


— In shamanism the classic theme is death and rebirth – you are born in a new configuration

— Healing on a vibrational level

— Sensation of harmony and interconnection with the universe, we are all One

—The medicine will address your entire being

— Its a psychotherapeutic process


From The New Yorker – on  Plant Medicine


You will be asked to set a clear intention for this retreat and draw a list of personal goals. Intention is the seed that develops into all actions, objects, and experiences. An intent is the catalyst of your dreams. Your intention essentially becomes the conductor of your energy, which means it is what gives life to your creative expression. There is a life force energy running through your body and entire being called chi and intent is what directs the flow of this energy. 

Before the retreat, there will be three 30 min online video sessions with me. The first is to meet and greet you and determine your eligibility for the retreat from a physical, emotional and mental perspective. Second I will do a deep intuitive reading, what I call your blueprint to determine what you need to release and what frequencies to connect to and hear your goals for the retreat, and third we will do a deep energy clearing session to ensure you are ready for the medicines. It is imperative that you complete these sessions in order to attend the retreat.

“Working with San Pedro and Ayahuasca master plant medicines, in the Andean Mountains within the heart of Incas, was sacred. I had powerful insights and initiations and I was honored to understand my spiritual path. We literally decoded understanding of what we all need for spiritual growth and enlightenment through our intentions. I would strongly suggest to everyone to do this journey, guided by Yazan. I am grateful, as we all had beyond a heaven-like experience…” – Burce



These modules are the culmination of an in depth search for modalities and methods that accelerate soul-level activation and spiritual awakening. The goal is to help you awaken to your truth and align with the life foundations that matter most to each person. They last 1-2 hours and will be delivered throughout the retreat.

  • Intention Setting
  • Relationships Transform
  • Abundance 
  • Shamanic Activation
  • Family and and ancestral healing
  • Health and DNA Activation
  • Meet Your Future Self
  • Heart Coherence 
  • Body Realignment
  • Life Activation


San Pedro - Magic Cactus

Trichocereus Pachanoi, aka San Pedro, is a columnar cactus native to the Andean mountains of Peru and Ecuador. Some of the indigenous names for San Pedro are: huachuma, chuma, and wachuma. It is one of the four most sacred plants of Peru, along with Tobacco, Ayahuasca and Coca. San Pedro has visionary properties and is often compared to the more popular cactus known as Peyote; both are members of the mescaline family. Mescaline is a psychoactive alkali that occurs naturally in the aforementioned cacti and also other species of Cacti. Shamans and natives have used San Pedro for at least 3000 years. The earliest known depiction of the cactus that dates back to 1300 BC is a carving of a mythological creature holding the cactus. San Pedro got its name because in mythology God hid the keys to heaven in a secret place and the Christian Saint who was named San Pedro used the powers of the cactus to uncover the secret hiding places of the keys and later the cactus was named after him.

The natives and Shamans typically prepare the San Pedro by slicing and then boiling pieces of the stem for a few hours; afterwards the liquid that is left is taken orally. The cacti is said to be bitter, but not to unbearable however. Sometimes the Shamans will prepare the cactus with other sacred psychoactive plants like coca or tobacco. San Pedro can also be taken from a powder that is made from drying out the cactus.

The effects that are felt from the ‘high’ of this cactus are quite spiritual. Much like another sacred plant medicine of Peru called Ayahuasca the intense effects of the San Pedro can make you purge out negative energies and things that no longer serve you. Generally, once you purge, you feel a sense of connectedness to the Earth and all that is around you. You may find yourself in an awake dream state, where it is as if your body is asleep to some extent. This provides you with the opportunity to leave your body and travel to other realms. Many people see the energy moving around them, but people have also reported seeing fractals and even sacred geometry while their eyes are closed. An average San Pedro trip can last anywhere between 7-12 hours – hold on to your hats!

More recently San Pedro cactus has been used to treat a broad range of physical, mental and emotional disorders, as well as people with addictions such as alcoholism. It has been used quite regularly throughout South America for a long time to enhance life and connect the people to Pachamana (Mother Earth). By Alanna Ketler, Collective Evolution

Ayahuasca - Combination of two plants

Unlike all other sacred plant medicines, ayahuasca is made from two plants – the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaf of the chacruna plant (Psychotria viridis). Both plants are collected from the jungle to create a potent mixture that offers access to the realm of spirits and an energetic world that that we are typically unable to perceive in our ordinary state of consciousness. It is a mystery how the Amazonian shamans learned to combine these two Ayahuasca vine plants. Individually, both plants are more or less inert. In the Amazon Rainforest there are approximately 80,000 catalogued leafy plant species, of which as many as 10,000 are vines. Neither the vine nor the leaf is especially distinguished in appearance. Yet the healers of the Amazon, acting as archaic psycho-pharmacologists, somehow knew how to use one particular species of vine and one particular species of leaf to make a psychoactive brew.

In chemical terms, the leafy chacruna plant contains the powerful psychoactive dimethyletryptamine (DMT), which, by itself, is not orally active because it is metabolized by the stomach enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO). However, certain chemicals within the ayahuasca vine contain MAO inhibitors in the form of harmine compounds that result in a psychoactive compound with an identical chemical makeup to the organic tryptamines in our brains. This mixture circulates through the bloodstream into the brain, where it triggers powerful visionary experiences and enables us to access otherworldly realms and our hidden, inner subconscious landscapes.

Code of Conduct -Shaman and Healer Ethics

I hold myself to a higher standard and have a Code of Conduct inspired by the guidelines and codes of the Foundation For Shamanic Studies, The Healer Code of Ethics and The Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct and Policy on Sexual Misconduct. This means that I hold myself and my team to these values and behaviors. The Group leader, assistants, shamans and staff will all abide by these rules. If you feel your boundaries have been crossed at anytime you need to inform Yazan immediately. 

What constitutes inappropriate behavior? In our eyes any explicit sexual advance by a practitioner towards a client is inappropriate and unacceptable. Responding to an advance initiated by the client is inacceptable. Any attempt to extract or extort fees through manipulation we would consider to be inappropriate behavior. Any attempts to control or dominate the client, and insulting rude behavior should not be tolerated. 

Any individual working with us will not make sexual advances towards you, overstep privacy and personal space boundaries or ask you to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. They will not discuss your personal issues with your friends or family or anyone else without your explicit written permission.


  • I will work in sacred alliance with Spirit, and to be informed and guided by that Source, and not my own ego, in offering service to others.
  • I will recognize the wholeness inherent in every person or group or circumstance that comes for healing and to honor whatever form in which its plan is presented to me.
  • I will be mindful of speech, thought, and action and their impact on building relationships both in the present and through time into future and past.
  • I will be respectful of others, even in their differences.
  • I will work with compassion and non-judgment.
  • I will not make sexual advances on my clients.
  • I will maintain clients’ privacy.
  • I will be honest with clients and other practitioners, and will be truthful in the manner in which I present myself in public relations and advertising.
  • In service to others, I will keep my own life in balance to the best of my ability.

Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct

Yoga Alliance Policy on Sexual misconduct

Sexual misconduct definition:  misconduct of a sexual nature where the situation is normally non-sexual and therefore unusual for sexual behavior, or where there is some aspect of personal power or authority that makes sexual behavior inappropriate. A common theme, and the reason for the term misconduct, is that these violations occur during work or in a situation of a power imbalance. It is a legal concept to frame offenses which are non-criminal but nevertheless violating of another person’s personal boundary in the area of sexuality and intimate personal relationships.

Temazcal - Sweat Lodge

The Temazcal

The Temazcal (sweat lodge) is a physical, mental and spiritual purification ceremony. For North-American indigenous wisdom, It represents the womb of mother earth. We enter in to let go of what we don’t need from our daily life, to let go of our fear, anger, depression and every single thing that don’t really belong to us. Once we go out of the space, we reborn as brand new people

The sweat lodge is an old ceremony in the American continent. In the ancient days it was a daily life practice, in order to keep a healthy body, still mind and a strong spirit.

The sweat lodge ceremony consists of 4 rounds or 4 doors, each one has a meaning:

  • First round is for giving thanks to the Creator, giving thanks for every gift in every single day of our life
  • Second round is for your blood family, to ask healings and blessings and everything they may need.
  • Third round is for all other relations, like friends and relationships, to have a good balance within our lives.
  • The fourth round is for yourself. In the indigenous traditions first we offer to anyone, and then we ask for ourselves.
Despacho Ceremony

Despacho gratitude ceremonies are an ancient practice used by the shamans in Peru to heal, manifest and give thanks for the many gifts of life. When we perform a Despacho ceremony, we are trying to give back to Life by creating a space in time that allows us to show our gratitude.

Among the Quechua and the Queros the despacho ceremony is the centerpiece of their spiritual and ritualistic heritage. When the locals go to see a Shaman, whether they go in search of better health, a more loving relationship, or healing from grief,  the first thing often done is a despacho.

Despacho rituals are designed to align, balance and harmonize the three levels of consciousness: Yankay (the physical universe), Yachay (the spirit or wisdom center), and Munay (the feeling or heart center). In building your own bundle or despacho, you are bringing all aspects of your consciousness into the process. You are entering an altered state of consciousness that is alignment with all these energy centers.

We will have a Despacho for Pachamama (Mother Earth) and your prayers and intentions for your life. This is a deeply felt experience as this work is done on the Quantum field of your being.


One of the reasons I prefer working in the Sacred Valley besides the stunning people, landscapes and energy are the high quality holistic centers that provide all the modern comforts: clean rooms, comfy modern beds, nutritious meals, professional staff, modern bathrooms, hot water, safety from bugs and other insects, private rooms for couples, wifi in public areas, and beautiful sacred spaces to do our ceremonies. Some people are drawn to the jungle experience but generally the accommodations are pretty basic and you’re in for a rough experience. 

I feel if we are going to be doing drastic life changing work that can put physical and emotional pressure on our system, then might as well do it with all the amenities so we can stay focused on the task at hand. 

A more dramatic catalyst for inner growth…

Like having 10 years of therapy in one night…

Dramatic positive transformations…

A feeling of serene wisdom that I could stay there indefinitely…

From the New York Times – On Plant Medicine


The cost is $2500 per person and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment is due in full at when you sign up. 

What’s Inculded

  • Cusco Airport Pick-up
  • Shared accommodations for 7 nights
  • Organic vegetarian meals
  • Trip To Pisac Market
  • Visit to Christo Blanco Site
  • Four Wachuma (San Pedro) Ceremonies
  • Temazcal ceremony (Sweat lodge)
  • Despacho ceremony
  • Visit to Inca sacred sites
  • Transformational Modules
  • Activations with Yazan
  • Meditations
  • Sound Healing Ceremonies

I invite you to engage in a shamanic activation and healing as we explore this deep inner and outer journey.

Next retreat: April 6 – April 14,  2018. Peru Soul Journey from April 6 – April 14. We recommend you arrive in Cusco 1-2 days before the retreat to acclimate to the altitude and the energy of the place. You can stay in Cusco or Pisac or explore the archaeological sites of the Sacred Valley. You need to arrive to the retreat center by no later than 2pm Friday.

The Space – Shared accommodations in a rustic, cozy and secluded family run Mountain house, 2-3 beds per room, gardens, streams, chef, and numerous excursions. Check accommodations tab for photos. We go on short walks in nature, so no need for hiking experience. 

Logistics – We recommend that you arrive at least two days before the retreat begins so you can acclimatize to the altitude. Cusco is at 11,000 ft and the Sacred Valley is around 9,000 ft. You’ll want ample time to rest and allow your body to adjust to life at 2 miles high. You can also choose to stay afterwards to integrate and explore the area. Once you register for the retreat, we’ll provide a list of hotels to stay in Cusco and Pisac that are near our pickup locations.

Requirements: Completing the three online energetic clearing sessions with Yazan (included in cost), sign a general liability release form before arrival, and review the participant code of behavior. 

Journey Highlights

Incredible Peru

‘An other-worldly country which forces you to wake up and experience the moment…’ Peru is an astonishing place of contrast and diversity. It is one of the few countries left where the indigenous people and their ancient wisdom and beliefs are still intact.

 A Land of Sacred places & Natural wonders

Our Peru Pilgrimage will take you into the spectacular Andes mountains.

Cusco the ancient capital of the Incas

Cusco has to be one of the most unique cities in the world and the entire city was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1983. It’s a stunningly beautiful city in an amazing location. Surrounded on all sides by the majestic Andes mountains, you can never get bored of exploring its markets, ancient cobblestone streets, Inca ruins and other places of great interest. 

Christo Bianco

Perched high above the colonial centre of Cusco, Cristo Blanco is a large statue of Jesus Christ that can be seen across the city. Towering some 8 meters (26 feet) high the white structure was a gift from Arabic Palestinians who sought refuge in Cusco after World War II. The statue depicts Christ extending his arms outwards, very similar to Rio´s Christ the Redeemer, but in miniature format.

Pisac Village

Pisac is a traditional and rustic village nestled in the Sacred Valley with extraordinary terraces lacing the mountains. Situated close by the Urubamba river Pisac is world famous for its artisan market open every day. You will be overwhelmed by all the stunning high quality unique gifts you can buy here at very competitive prices. As it is high in the Andes where the climate is cool and fresh, this is one of the best places to get your fill of colorful winter clothes. 

 Wachuma (San Pedro) Ceremony

Huachuma to the indigenous people) is a cactus that grows all along the Andes mountains and it’s another visionary plant teacher that has been used for thousands of years by the shamans of the Andes. Huachuma is also used for healing as well as mystical purposes. Whereas Ayahuasca ceremonies are done at night, Huachuma ceremonies are usually done during the day, out in nature. Huachuma gets you out of your mind and into your heart. 


Plants and Precautions

If you decide to join you will be sent a full medical questionnaire to evaluate your overall health. This will be kept strictly confidential.

  1. If you are taking medication (including antibiotics and antidepressants), are subject to high blood pressure or receiving treatment for a heart condition, a bleeding colon, or sugar diabetes, or have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and have taken medication for this in the last 9-10 years, it is important that you tell us and also take advice about participating in ceremonies. A consultation with us is also recommended if you are taking drugs affecting serotonin levels (e.g. serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs) as the combination of MAOIs and SSRIs can lead to higher levels of serotonin in the body.
  2. Non-prescription medicines such as antihistamines, dietary aids, amphetamines and their derivatives, and some herbal remedies (e.g. those containing ephedrine, high levels of caffeine or other stimulants) should be discontinued for at least one week prior to and following work with San Pedro.
  3. Avoid all chemically-based recreational drugs – in particular MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine, speed. The use of non-chemical recreational drugs such as marijuana should also be discontinued for a period of at least a week prior to the program.
  4. Please do not drink alcohol or use marijuana for at least a week prior to (and, of course, during) any ceremonial work with teacher plants.
Things to Bring
  • Layered clothes, as the days are warm but temperatures can drop at night
  • Light waterproof jacket and a rain hat in case of summer rainfall
  • Walking shoes for exploring the mountains and other excursions
  • Sun cream
  • Natural (or other) insect repellent
  • A notepad and pens

A detailed list will be sent to you when you join!

Legality in Peru

Peru is one of the only countries in the world where Ayahuasca is legal. Ayahuasca grows wild in the Upper Amazon and indigenous peoples there have used it for healing, divination, hunting, and diplomacy since time immemorial. In 2008 Peru officially recognized the traditional use of Ayahuasca by indigenous peoples as national cultural heritage.

When Peru signed on to the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances it made a reservation (an exception) explicitly for Ayahuasca and San Pedro. Peru’s reservation is only for two wild plant species, the Ayahuasca liana (B. caapi) and San Pedro cactus (T. pachanoi). The reservation does explicitly mention the DMT contained within Ayahuasca. In practice, the whole of Ayahuasca, is protected by Peru’s reservation to the Convention.

Peru declared traditional Ayahuasca use intangible cultural heritage protected by the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2003).

Flights and Collection

You can book your flight through an agent or online booking site straight to Cusco. Sometimes it may be better to book a flight to Lima and then book Lima-Cusco separately, it might come out cheaper and give you more options, it depends on the time of year. It’s about 55 min and at least four airlines fly this route (LAN, Avianca, Peruvian, Star Peru). You can also fly directly to Cusco through Columbia if you use Avianca. Do note that if you fly through Lima, you must recheck your luggage and go through immigration and security again. So please don’t leave your luggage in Lima!

Money and Purchases

Peru’s currency is the sol (S/.) which is 100 céntimos (cents). Bank notes include 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 soles and there are coins for 1, 2 and 5 soles and 50, 20, 10 and 5 cents. At the time of writing one sol = about 36 US cents or but there are fluctuations so check up-to-date rates.

Personal Experiences & Media 

Personal Experiences

Merle Kelder Personal Experience

I feel as I have given birth to a new reality. The way I sense myself has changed completely. Everything seems to be clear, I am at peace with everything. I do not have the same patterns or triggers any more. I have never felt myself so full of joy, yet grounded. But most importantly – I have deep knowing of myself, deep knowing of my Soul, deep love of my Soul. It is such a sweet feeling to finally capture the essence of my beloved Soul – it is the deep feeling of love with certain qualities that have always been so close and familiar to me, yet I have never been able to look so deeply into my Soul before. Everything really starts from knowing Thyself. 

If you come to this journey, please be prepared to die. Because you will die. It is the only way. You will be born again – but before that, you need to die. Your old self dies, only to give life to your true Self. It could be a painful process, and it was for me. The medicine led me through all my traumas and negative beliefs, once again, deeper than ever before – only to set them free with Love. So you need a lot of courage and trust, and this will be tested probably several times during the journey. It is definitely a part of the process, a part of letting go of the grip of the ego. But you will be rewarded greatly – my reward was complete union with everything that exist – the Great Spirit, the Heavens, our beloved Pachamama. We are all one. I feel it with each and every cell in my body. Nothing can prepare you for an experience of such an immense beauty. I am eternally grateful to everybody involved.

Burce Personal Experience


Participating in your Peru San Pedro & Ayahuasca Life Transformation Journey was the best birthday gift I’ve ever had in my lifetime of 40 years. I am grateful for your support & work done on me during this journey as well as the opportunity you’ve given us to connect with Pachamama, San Pedro and Lady Ayahuasca, Incas, beautiful souls, precious powerful shamans & every single presence. Working with San Pedro & Ayahuasca Master Plant Medicines, in the Andean Mountains in the heart of Incas was Sacred. I had powerful insights & initiations in which I was honored to understand what my spiritual path is. We literally decoded understanding of what we all need for spiritual growth & enlightenment through our intentions. Another gift given to our spirits was the healing Despacho Ceremony with the local Q’eros Shamans which was an amazing experience.

Under lead of our dearest friend, powerful Shaman Yazan & transmissions by his Activation workshops, Cave meditations, Shaman ceremonies and many other spiritual rituals in Rebirth Chamber of Pachamama,  San Pedro Temple, we had pure energetic downloads and empowerment to be connected totally to the one energy source. Cusco is an absolutely Sacred, healing, regenerating & calming place where I am looking forward to be back. I would strongly suggest everyone to do this journey in guidance of Yazan, I am grateful, as We all had beyond heaven like experience…

Peace Love & Light


Claire Personal Experience

So big brother – how are you? I just looked at the date and realized its just over 3 months since our trip. I remember so clearly you telling me life would be so different and I would be standing in my space as the best person I want to be. I wanted to list a few things for you.

– my ex husband wrote to me and took full responsibility for his actions and asked for my forgiveness

– I have lost a huge amount of body weight, I now have a waist

– all emotional food issues and constipation have gone

– the pain in my lower back – gone

– I have given up sugar, cheese and hardly drink alcohol

– I have a 12 month voice-over contract

– I was invited back to my old TV presenter job and it has actually started 6 weeks earlier than expected

– I have decided to go back to my natural hair colour and feel truly connected to my natural beauty

– I have been asked to speak at many events without even advertising.

– my new business is in full development and flow

– The guy I dated before the trip called and apologised for his behaviour and explained himself fully. He asked if we could start a fresh. We go on a date when he returns from his holiday.

Don’t get me wrong the work continued loads when I got back. Bikram yoga really helped shift stuff out of me over the last 6 weeks and my UK coach has helped me clear some ancestral patterns that came up due to these shifts.

Yazan thank you – I feel I will be back working with you next year to take me to the next level. I look over the list and I feel so emotional .. Thank fuck you turnt up in my life and showed me how.

You are awesome, Thank you with all my heart. I love you with all my heart and may we all do our thing and fill this world with love.

Speak soon



Retreat Media Coverage

Our Peru retreat came in as an ‘Event Not To Miss for 2018’ in LA YOGA MAGAZINE. (Best viewed on mobile)



Peru Soul Journey

Powerful medicine ceremonies with Mother Ayahuasca the Sacred Feminine and Wachuma the Sacred Masculine.
A combination of advanced spiritual, shamanic and personal development work
Family and ancestral healing
Money, abundance, and prosperity deep work
Heart and Intuition opening
Love and forgiveness
Gratitude and faith

In the end you want to ask yourself why are we here? Why are you here? What is the purpose of this life, of this incarnation on this planet in these very troubled times? How do you want the remainder of your life to unfold? How will your relationships be different? Do you desire to contribute to this world? What are your goals and dreams?
If it is possible to create an opening through time and space that would help you receive clarity and accelerate your journey, would you go through this portal?
If you choose to come through, then come through as the warrior who has not lost touch with your humility and humanity, you come and assume responsibility for your life.

Yazan! Thanks for the amazing experience you led us through today. It was extremely powerful! I have been balancing my spiritual path and the corporate life over the past 12 years and to be honest, today I connected to some of the deepest states I’ve ever reached. It was really amazing and the best is that I can still feel it now that we are coming back to our ‘normal’ lives. Thanks again for the joyful moments.. Renato