Sedona Cosmic Journey

Discover and experience the cosmic magic of Sedona’s Vortex energy through shamanic journeys.

Explore the frequencies of Sedona’s powerful vortexes while held in the embrace of the breathtaking natural beauty of Sedona’s red rocks. This sacred land emits frequencies that potentiate healing and awakening. Every vortex emits unique energy and each person experiences vortexes differently. The Sedona vortex ascension journey will provide a deeper understanding of vortexes and a profound and unparalleled personal experience of energy shifting and ascending.

These hearts and similar occurrences are common in the Sedona Red Rocks.

The same love vibration that manifests these hearts all around Sedona will run through you for 4 days allowing for deep DNA realignment. The minute you drive into Sedona the shift begins…

Your heart will have no choice but to open and absorb cosmic love! This is the Sedona secret.

The ground is crystalline in nature
your vibration increases

Receive transmissions from Yazan and experience heightened states of awareness in the Vortexes every day and literally feel your consciousness awaken

Unique and one of a kind program

Allow the sacred beauty and energy of Sedona’s most spiritual vortexes to help potentiate your healing and awakening. Experience teachings and activations of Spirituality and Sacred Wisdom. Set your intentions and anchor your prayers into the Earth. You will explore the ancient wisdom of the 4 Elements of water, air, earth and fire and 4 directions during four days of life immersion.

I feel the role of the Shaman in our culture is to be the bridge between the invisible world and the material world because there’s a relation between both. 

Powerful healings and activations in stunning nature and mesmerizing views with exceptional people.

What portals await you in Sedona?

My spiritual healing work encompasses a deep, diverse and wise body of knowledge. Shamans have been known to incorporate Animal Spirits, Elemental Wisdom, Plant Messengers, Sound, Sacred Ceremonies,  Medicine Wheels, Sweat Lodges, and many others as tools and practices for healing, Spirit guidance and transformation.  Take a journey with me to explore various ascension experiences in the Sedona Vortexes to accelerate your consciousness, awaken your intuition, enhance your life and deepen your Spirit Connection. This will also lead to massive shifts in all aspects of Life: health, relationships, career, life purpose, business, abundance, intuition, creativity, and spirituality.

Sedona at Night


  • Daily Sedona Vortex Journeys
  • Medicine Wheel Initiations
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Visit to Buddha Beach (image below)
  • Daily Activations and Deep healing with Yazan in the Red Rocks
  • Amitabha Stupa & Peace Park Gaia offering
  • Trails to Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon Trail, Feminine/Masculine Rock Vortex
  • Drumming Circle
  • Visits to spectacular crystal shops
  • Shaman’s Cave Activation Ceremony
  • Delicious meals

What to Expect

  • Experience a unique consciousness acceleration program that merges between vortex experiences, shamanic journeys, metaphysical teachings, and deep healing
  • Awaken your deeper levels of knowing and intuition
  • Experience bliss for 4 consecutive days; enter a new dimension of existence
  • Bond with like minded friends; allow your creativity to flow
  • Immerse in the unique spiritual community of Sedona
  • Learn more about yourself and receive divine visions and insights for your life and business
  • Receive group and individual breakthrough shamanic healings and quantum activations
  • Learn from a team of talented shamans, healers, and shamanic musicians
  • Go back to your life, relationships, business, health, career full of vigor and vitality
  • Stay grounded and anchored into the Vortex Energy in your new vibration
  • Spontaneously transform and evolve as you continue on your journey

3 nights/ 4 days: Includes Accommodations in a beautiful Sedona house, food, Sedona transportation, and all Shamanic Activations.  Easy to Medium level hikes to Vortexes. Deadline is May 15th.

I invite you to step into your true Awakened being in a very special land. The journey of a lifetime!