In these sessions we address your entire being.   
We Heal and Resolve
  • Emotional wounds: Old wounds, trauma, abuse
  • Physical pain, chronic pain
  • Mental patterns, depression
  • The 5 core wounds: Rejection, Abandonment, Betrayal, Injustice, and Humiliation
  • The Mother wound, The Father wound
  • Toxic shame, guilt, sadness, and other negative emotions

We Release

  • Spells, curses, charms
  • Karmic, Ancestral and Family patterns
  • Societal and religious programming
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Entities and energetic attachments 
We Activate and Awaken
  • Your fullest potential
  • Your connected Quantum field
  • Your body on a subatomic, molecular level
  • Reprogram DNA to its original state
  • Masculine / Feminine balanced energy
We Connect
  • With specific healing frequencies that will accelerate your path
  • With your higher self, spirit, guides, elementals, other dimensions and realms of your being
 I can also help with:
  • Business and career problems, blocks, and limitations to growth
  • Stuck life situations that don’t seem to shift
  • Financial patterns, ceilings, and other blocks to this vital aspect of life force energy
  • Romantic relationships: breaking repetitive negative patterns, releasing toxic partners, attracting high value partners
Leading to:
  • Exploring deeper states of Consciousness
  • Discovering or deepening your purpose
  • Connecting with your inner guidance
  • Opening the heart and your cohesion field
  • Creating a new life
  • Taking your power back
  • Self acceptance, optimism, satisfaction, and accomplishment
I work on the Quantum field, Spirit, Outer and inner energy fields, Mind, Heart, Core energy (Chi), down to the minutiae of the physical body.
I work with people who are ready to take responsibility for their healing. A session with me is the beginning of a massive opening, shift and change in your life. There may be ups and downs in between sessions, this is normal as your system adjusts to the new frequencies of your higher self and purges the old self from every aspect of your being.
This work is for all people who have the right intention to awaken, align and heal, for beginners and advanced individuals.
Sessions are $300 and done via live video on Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp. Payments are made via Paypal or Venmo online. 

About ME

I’m a Shaman and Energy Healer

I have been studying the healing arts for over 16 years, my work is a mixture of deep bio-energetic and quantum healing, consciousness acceleration work, shamanic journeys, and personal development. I truly believe that there is a powerful, intuitive, connected healing force within each of us that is awaiting to guide us into a life of deeper truth and understanding.

My work is done through sessions,  activations, workshops and retreats around the life foundations that matter most such as spiritual awakening, health, career, purpose, relationships, finances, intuition, and contribution. I lead Shamanic retreats in Peru and other parts of the world.

This vibration of healing and activation work encompasses a deep and diverse body of knowledge across space and time. Take this journey to explore profound experiences to accelerate your consciousness, awaken your intuition, enhance your life and deepen your Spirit Connection.