“To listen to Yazan is the aural equivalent of a deep breath. His invocation of intention for our event Bedouin Tech was beautiful… calming, centering, re-orienting, and expansive in its friendly and spirit-affirming way. His participation was a welcomed and valuable part of our event and we send thanks to him for spreading his magic.”   – Carrie Hart, Organizer, Bedouin Tech


“Yazan! Thanks for the amazing experience you led us through today. It was extremely powerful! I have been balancing my spiritual path and the corporate life over the past 12 years and to be honest, today I connected to some of the deepest states I’ve ever reached. It was really amazing and the best is that I can still feel it now that we are coming back to our ‘normal’ lives. Thanks again for the joyful moments and let’s keep spreading the light, awareness, peace, love and happiness.”

– Renato 

“It was a pleasure to meet you.
Thank you for the intense and healing energy you brought in.
I was glad to be part of such profound work.”


What an amazing group of people and an amazing spiritual activation workshop. Thank you so much Yazan! The way you planned the day was perfect and what I felt during the guided meditations was very special. A feeling of release, love, gratitude and a deep feeling of being in tune. A connection to my spirit I have never felt through meditation before. Even the essential oils you chose were so beautiful I can’t stop thinking about them.
– Cynnamon

What a beautiful group of beings! Deeply honored to share space with each one of you. Thank Yazan Rah for holding the sacred space for transformation. I feel re-aligned and empowered to continue forward on my path of highest service.
– Grace

Things have been so good recently, so much has happened for me since the workshop, the things I have been calling in are starting to show up one after another! Thank you for the work you do, and for showing us that it is possible to live a life of infinite flow. Looking forward to working more with you in the coming months. Giant hugs and love to your heart!
– Joanna 


So big brother – how are you ..

I just looked at the date and realised its just over 3 months since our trip. I remember so clearly you telling me life would be so different and I would be standing in my space as the best person I want to be. I wanted to list a few things for you.

  • My ex husband wrote to be and took full responsibility for his actions and asked for my forgiveness
  • I have lost a huge amount of body weight, I now have a waist
  • All emotional food issues and constipation have gone
  • All the pain in my lower back – gone
  • I have given up sugar, cheese and hardly drink alcohol
  • I have a 12 month voice over contract
  • I was invited back to my old TV presenter job and it has actually started 6 weeks earlier than expected
  • I have decided to go back to my natural hair colour and feel truly connected to my natural beauty
  • I have been asked to speak at many events without even advertising
  • My new business is in full development and flow
  • The guy I dated before the trip called and apologised for his behaviour and explained himself fully. He asked if we could start a fresh. We go on a date when he returns from his holiday.

Yazan thank you – I feel I will be back working with you next year to take me to the next level. I look over the list and I feel so emotional .. Thank fuck you turnt up in my life and showed me how.

You are awesome, Thank you with all my heart

I love you with all my heart and may we all do our thing and fill this world with love, speak soon.

– Claire Anstey

“I feel as I have given birth to a new reality. The way I sense myself has changed completely. Everything seems to be clear, I am at peace with everything. I do not have the same patterns or triggers any more. I have never felt myself so full of joy, yet grounded. But most importantly – I have deep knowing of myself, deep knowing of my Soul, deep love of my Soul. It is such a sweet feeling to finally capture the essence of my beloved Soul – it is the deep feeling of love with certain qualities that have always been so close and familiar to me, yet I have never been able to look so deeply into my Soul before. Everything really starts from knowing Thyself.

– Merle

Participating in your Peru San Pedro & Ayahuasca Life Transformation Journey was the best birthday gift I’ve ever had in my lifetime of 40 years. I am grateful for your support & work done on me during this journey as well as the opportunity you’ve given us to connect with Pachamama, Father San Pedro and Lady Ayahuasca, Incas, beautiful Souls, precious powerful Shamans & Every Single Presence.
Working with San Pedro & Ayahuasca Master Plant Medicines, in the Andean Mountains in the heart of Incas was Sacred. I had powerful insights & initiations in which I was honored to understand what my spiritual path is.
We literally decoded understanding of what we all need for spiritual growth & enlightenment through our intentions.
Another gift given to our spirits was the healing Despacho Ceremony with the local Q’ero Shamans which was an amazing experience.

With the leadership of our dearest friend, powerful Shaman Yazan & transmissions through his Activation workshops, Cave meditations, Shaman ceremonies and many other spiritual rituals in Rebirth Chamber of Pachamama, San Pedro Temple, we had pure energetic downloads and empowerment to be connected totally to the one energy source.
Cusco is an absolutely Sacred, healing, regenerating & calming place where I am looking forward to be back.
I would strongly suggest everyone to do this journey in guidance of Yazan, I am grateful, as We all had beyond heaven like experience…

Peace, Love, & Light
– Burce


Energy Healing Sessions

“I had several sessions with Yazan and I must say that his approach has helped me a lot. I always felt very comfortable and at ease during our sessions; he truly knows what he is doing and can see beyond. We did a very particular approach to solve my problem and after the session I felt very confident and motivated. My life starts going into the right direction again.
Thanks Yazan! “

– Nina

Hello Yazan,
I’ve been wanting to send this message for a while. Thank you for your amazing coaching with me, I can not explain in text just how powerful and amazing the coaching sessions were and how it helped me. The energy healing I felt was absolutely amazing and the inner child work has been so vital and healing for me. Some of the tools/words you used to guide shall stay with me as precious gifts that I can always use and I shine my light whenever I see darkness and I know I’m protected and draw similar light people things in my life. I thank you whole heartedly! 


“Just thought id email to tell you that I feel amazinnnnnnnng!!! Feel so light and energized with positive energy feels so unreal! Its like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Thank you Yazan… It’s amazing; whatever you’re doing for people, you are transforming their lives, literally.. Full respect. I’m processing everything that’s happening.”

– Akshaya

“Hey, I hope you had a safe trip home and a Merry Christmas. So good news, maybe it worked, I received a text message from my Mum then I replied and she told me she hadn’t received my emails (maybe she doesn’t remember blocking my email). Anyway, I asked her to send me another email address so we have started talking again after 5 years. That’s great. I really believe in it now, Thank you. I’m currently in Beirut but when I come back I’d like you to meet my friend; she’s a Reiki master but still on her journey.”

– Sophie

“For someone who is 100% positivist and avoids spirituality; I was surprised that Yazan carried me to a place unknown into a deeper journey inside. For me, It was an intellectual experience. I got introduced to new horizons in my mind; went through a deep but soft introspection and best of all, the whole experience stayed with me. I reached a high level of empathy for people in my life and saw things from their point of view. I realized how I waste my energy and time with trivial things and decided to take better care and be at peace with myself. Thanks Yazan, can’t wait for the next time.”

– Cinar 

Thanks again for the Abundance Activation that you offered at Mystic Journey earlier this summer. What you shared during your mini reading about the value in my integrating aspects of my work (vs viewing them as separate) has stuck with me and had me reconsider things in meaningful ways. I look forward to attending future events and continuing to learn from you.

– Wendy

Yazan, Our sessions have been powerful and highly beneficial. I always leave feeling lighter, brighter and with more clarity and internal strength. Thank you!
– Michelle 

Thank you so much Yazan for this amazing and extraordinary spiritual event.
– Samar