Macchu Picchu

I am a spiritual accelerator who works with your divine energetic blueprint to guide you into a life of higher spiritual, physical, mental, and heart centered awareness. A decade of journeying throughout the world, training with various spiritual guides, healers, teachers, shamans and coaches led me to discover my soul’s purpose and activated within me the ancient healing arts.

Before my commitment to this path, I acquired an MBA in Marketing from a top school and had a successful business career in senior management for 15 years. As a spiritual activator, guide and intuitive, I lead various activations, retreats and events to profoundly activate people on their path to awakening.

My unique style has created profound breakthrough experiences for lots of people from all walks of life. It has accelerated the full unfolding of their true life path and purpose. I focus on Quantum energetic healing, shamanic work and transformational retreats.

My Mission is Your Spiritual Healing

On my travels, I have encountered many profound energetic transformations and it has sparked a divine knowing within me – that my gift is helping others to find theirs. As a spiritual guide, I will point you in the direction of your own supremely wise and resourceful source-self. This enables you to break free of any limiting beliefs within yourself, to increase your frequency and open yourself to the potential of your true power.

Some of my studies:
  • Spirituality in a modern world with his holiness the 12th Kenting Tai Situpa, the third man in Buddhism after the Dalai Lama at Palpung Monastery in the Himalayas
  • Quantum Energetics, Angelic Healing, and Vortex Healing
  • Deep Coaching
  • Chinese esoteric energy work with a Shaolin Grand Master and his students
  • Shamanism with Peruvian indigenous shamans 
  • Inner child healing and soul retrieval expert
  • I studied ‘Hands on Healing’ in person with the renowned healer Barbara Brennan

I do this through deep energetic work that activates the Divine Spark within you – opening the door to experiencing all multidimensional levels of your being and to uncover and walk your true life path.