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Imagine this…

YOU… working with me (The Spiritual Activator) for 90 days, where you can bring your biggest obstacles and challenges… and my main goal is to help you overcome them… and in those 90 days, I also curate healing and unblocking experiences for you to experience (every other week)… just to make sure there’s no stone left unturned, and you get to experience the life you’ve always dreamed of…

What would your life look like after 90 days?


More Clarity?

More Abundance?

More Joy?

More Purpose?

That’s just the beginning… The truth is, you probably won’t even have words to describe the version of yourself you’ll meet after working with together for 90 days… straight…

A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity to Get Direct Access to The Spiritual Activator…

First of all, you know that I don’t do anything 1-on-1 nowadays… My 1-on-1 clients in the last few years have been Tony Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Jessica Alba, world leaders, and those who are able to reach a lot of people globally… (I did it cause I understand the ripple effect of working on people who affect other people)…

And currently, I don’t even do any 1-on-1 work with any of them (outside of doing work only on my close friends and family)…

On top of that, my 1-on-1 waiting list is currently around 600,000+ and has been growing since 2017…

My wife Mandy and I usually do things in bigger groups so we can reach more people, like the last paid event we had where we served close to 15,000 souls… or the next one  where we’re estimating over 30,000 people will attend.

But All of That Changes… 

I’m going to launch it for LAST class of 2024 (it’s the last one we currently have on the calendar), the “90 Day Accelerated Mastermind” (details coming below)…

Introducing: “The BIG SHIFT Mastermind: 90 Days to Releasing Your Biggest Block and Accelerating Unlimited Abundance, Joy, Love, Purpose, and Happiness with the Spiritual Activator”

This right now, is the only way to get direct access to me.

I don’t have any other program where you can interact with me at this level… while I tap into higher wisdom and give you exactly what you need.

Here’s how it works…

I will be working directly with a small group of individuals…

This group will have limited spots so I have time to get to know and shift everyone. The number is always intuitive, and I will tune in to see when it’s time to close the container…

That means enrollment for this program can be open for a week… or open for just a day…

You, along with a group of dedicated and motivated individuals, will have regular weekly meetings with me or my highly advanced coaches over Zoom for a period of 90 days…

No big production for this one, just me in my studio so it’s small, intimate, and powerful… and a small group. Small enough so I can hear everyone out and answer every single question.

I will curate the experience after tapping into everyone’s energy and needs…

Every other week will be mixture of me teaching powerful lessons, answering questions and helping you directly on zoom.

On the alternate weeks I’ve curated powerful healing or unblocking experiences with advanced practitioners that I know and trust… alongside group coaching with advanced coaches so you get the support you need.

There’ll be a total of 12 zoom sessions.

If you’ve seen my work then you know I am able to transform someone’s life in 10-15 minutes, in big events… and that’s all it takes… one and done…

So imagine what your life will look like after 12 zoom sessions…

This isn’t a cookie cutter program… this is me tapping into the energy of every single soul that’s a part of this group, and curating an experience that’s unique and transformational so you get everything you need and more.

When I do programs with 3,000-15,000 souls, there’s just no way for everyone to get their questions answered.

This program will be different.

The group will be small enough to where you can get your questions answered by me. This is the only program right now where that’s guaranteed to happen. So those who need support, will definitely get it.

Some sessions you might have questions… while other weeks you might just be sharing success stories and progress with me… or some weeks you might just be deeply processing the previous week’s experience…

It’s all normal… just know that you will be deeply supported, guided, and loved… throughout the entire experience.

I’ve purposely cleared up my calendar and commitments to concentrate on my upcoming documentary, expanding my outreach, and devoting more time to my family…

This decision is deeply personal, making it likely that this “one-time” opportunity won’t come around again next year…

This Is NOT For Everyone.

Now, I’ve got pretty has pretty high standards…I go for 100% success rate every single time I’ve worked with a group of people in the past. If you’ve followed my work, then you know I give it my all with everyone I work with.

This is not for you if you’re looking for a “quick fix”… and you expect your entire life to change without digging in and doing the work.

This program is “Accelerated” that means I will go as fast as I can to get you to where you want to go in 90 days… and that requires you do be coachable.

It requires you to be introspective and be open to going deep.

It requires you to be open… vulnerable… and serious about growth and transformation… cause I will hold you accountable… for the best and highest good so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

This will be a positive, uplifting, loving, and transformative environment so negativity won’t be able to survive in this container…

You’ll get the best of what I am known for: fast transformation, simplicity, major breakthroughs, removal of blocks, and lasting results.

This program is for those who are familiar with my work and know the benefits of having direct access to me… with the intention of going “ALL IN” on yourself for 90 days.

“Will I Be Able to Ask Oliver Questions Directly?”

This is the only program I have available where you can! You can ask me your question in advanced via video (or writing it in)… and I’ll answer them LIVE… and alternatively, you can ask your questions over zoom with me too!

Literally, you will be in a zoom with me… where you can personally talk to me over video, and share your biggest struggles, challenges, and goals… as I tap into higher energy, and give you direction, advice, and “next steps”… and this process goes on for 90 days…

I not only hear you out, and taps into your energy, but I craft the entire experience based on your situation! So the program, content, and experiences will factor in your specific situation – so that by the end of 90 days, you’re exactly where you want to be and beyond.

Remember, I typically can get people shifts in 10-15 minutes …. you’ll have 90 days with me.

“I’ve Tried Everything And I’m Still Not Where I Want To e… Will This Get Me There?”

If you are open, willing to go “ALL IN” on yourself, willing to take action and be held accountable, then there’s no reason why this won’t work for you. My approach is getting to the “ROOT” of the issue fast, and i do this by energetically connecting to your higher self to accurately pin point the “real blocks” so they can be addressed.

This program is designed for complete and total transformation in just 90 days.

“Can I do this with the other programs I am doing?”

Yes. This is designed to work hand in hand with all our other programs. Our certification programs are amazing, this is different in a way because you get my focus on your specific situation. And this is the only program we have available where you can tap into my expertise to solve you biggest blocks.

“Can I do the next round?”

This is the only round we have scheduled for this year, as I’ll be dedicating more time to my upcoming documentary and hosting live in-person events with 5,000-50,000 attendees. This initiative is my final major effort for the year before I step up to serve on a larger scale, aiming to impact a billion lives worldwide. Hence, I need to manage my time more efficiently moving forward. This program is a celebration of a significant milestone in my journey, marking nearly 20 years of dedication and growth.


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The Spiritual Activator, Oliver Niño, serves over 3 millions students from 80+ different countries – from CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, tech founders, presidential first families, and international celebrities to trauma-burdened souls living in the darkest shadows of their existence – clear their energetic blockages and access new levels of abundance, happiness, peace, and success.

After more than two decades of committing his life to heal others, Oliver decided it was time to rise up to his highest good – to teach the secrets, ancient wisdom, and limitless potential of energy healing to anybody that was ready to receive it.

Oliver’s vision is that one day, everyone can understand their own unique energetic makeup, remove all the energy blocks holding them back so they can step into their full potential and purpose.

Oliver is one of the most sought after healers with waiting list of over 600,000 people since 2017. His goal is to transform 1 billion souls so he spends most of his time leading sold out events with over 15,000+ paid registrants, and training and certifying healers from all over the world with his 8-week Energy Healing Certification Program. 


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What Others Are Saying About...

"Oliver is a gifted soul"

“Oliver is a gifted soul, he has the ability to change someone’s frequency by activating their true essence and voice which can be buried under trauma pain and suffering”

– Anthony William, The Medical Medium, # 1 New York Times best-selling author of the Medical Medium book series

"Thank you so much, Oliver, for your compassion and passion for us all.”

“From the moment I connected with Oliver, I felt his energy, passion, and caring for all of us who have the possibility to be released from traumas and issues we emotionally hold on to. His wisdom and psychic energy that he teaches and shares are so special. Thank you so much, Oliver, for your compassion and passion for us all.”

– Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

"Oliver is a gifted healer"

“Oliver is a gifted healer, who’s energy healing practices would benefit those looking to experience more joy, inner peace, and wellness in their lives. 

-Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Life Force

"I can experience a more expansive and beautiful life"

“Thank you Oliver for your continuous generosity in helping me raise my energy so I can experience a more expansive and beautiful life.

-Julianne Hough, American dancer, actress, and singer.

"Practical tools to discover and harness the extraordinary power that lies within all of us."

As a storyteller, the main theme of my work explores the concept of ordinary people becoming extraordinary. What Oliver has achieved in Spiritual Activator is to create a tangible guide for this exploration by providing practical tools to discover and harness the extraordinary power that lies within all of us. ” 

-Tim Kring, Television Producer and Creator of Strange World, Crossing Jordan, Heroes, and Touch.

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